Food Stories: Limiters


I think the general society is more negative towards dietary restrictions. Overall its hard to WANT to eat right when society offers so many more “bad” options. People watch “The biggest Loser” and think its easy to lose weight. People should be thinner in less time then it really takes someone.

Katie, Limiter

I surround myself with positive good people who love and support me. That been said, sometimes *support* is not what they think it is. Saying to someone who struggles with their weight and eating, “you can have just one bite…” OR “Come on, go off the diet for your birthday” is my biggest pet peeve. First of all, if I went off my diet for my birthday, well then what about Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Easter and so on? There is always a reason to pay less attention to what you are eating. I try to remind myself that I need to remain focused for me, not for what other people want me to do or enjoy for them.

Bobbi, Limiter