Our Manifesto

We are only limiting our food choices, not who we are, or who we want to be. Food does not define us.

Food doesn’t have to be the central focus in our lives. There is always more to life than food.

We may appear different, but underneath it all, we are all the same.

We all belong. Choice or no choice. Everyone is welcome at the table.

We don’t pass judgement on our own food sensitivities, so we shouldn’t pass judgement on others. Be nice.

Stop and listen. We all have a story to tell—one that might be related to yours.

We are not difficult, annoying, or high‐maintenance.

Embarrassment and loneliness don’t belong in the society. We will help each other to overcome these feelings.

Our needs are not the focus of food‐related events. We shouldn’t always expect special treatment.

Food events may be a challenge, but we can make it easier on ourselves if we always pre‐plan.

We should be patient and willing to explain our needs. It is our job to educate.

We will work to make the rest of the world more understanding, accepting, and sympathetic.